Single boxes. LDI® Bearings & Components can be supplied in single boxes and the better packing will be the choice on the basis of dimensions and weight of the bearings.

Industrial packing. When bearings are used in big quantity, as assembling lines, you can ask industrial pack composed with nylon sheet or plastic blister.

Packing for transport. Bearing boxes are packed on Europ Pallet with protective lm to obtain better quality transport. On request, we can propose personalized packing on Europallet, as LDI® Bearings & Components box pallet or LDI® Bearings & Components box pallet plus.
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LDI® Bearings & Components

Selection Organization LDI® Bearings & Components’ s experience guarantees the choice of the best world partner in the making of speci c products. Out of professionalism is born the assurance of quality. Out of the application of practical solutions in the storage of the goods, and in their loading and unloading, comes the high level of service to the customers.


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